Meet the revolution in penetration testing

Heyhack Scan is the only automated solution that imitates the actions of a real hacker and tests every single element of your web app.

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Expert-level penetration testing

Heyhack conducts penetration tests of web apps and APIs that match and even surpass the level of human experts—at the schedule that suits your needs.

Professional reports

After completing a penetration test, Heyhack automatically generates web-based overviews for your developers and PDF reports to be shared with customers.

SOC 2 & ISO 27001

Both SOC 2 (CC 7.1 and 7.2) and ISO 27001 (A12.6) require that software vendors conduct penetration tests. Heyhack helps you stay compliant.

Get absolute coverage with 100% transparency

Heyhack scans web applications with real browser instances and simulates the behavior of real users.

In Heyhack's coverage reports, you can visually examine the screenshots with every single test case that has been run on your web app.
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Provide evidence for auditors and customers

Heyhack produces documentation and reports compliant with requirements in SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI DSS.
Export reports to PDF and third party compliance toolsHeyhack produces easy-to-read PDF reports that you can send to your customers or tools such as Vanta, Drata, and Tugboat Logic.
Automatically generated security page for your websiteHeyhack can generate a beautiful page with a high-level summary of your most recent scan that you can put on your website.
Built on top of industry standardsHeyhack leverages the enumerations provided by CWE, CVE, and OWASP in order to comprehensively cover your web application and comply with industry standards.
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Build integrations and get notified about new security issues

Get an email notification as soon as a vulnerability has been found. You can set the level of severity (as a CVSS 3.1 score) you want to use as a threshold for notifications.
You can also use our Zapier app to integrate with Slack, SMS, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms to receive notifications directly in your preferred channel.
Detailed reports on findingsWhen Heyhack detects a vulnerability, it produces a comprehensive report on the finding, including screenshots and code samples.
Run daily scans or before every release
Set Heyhack up to scan your web app on an interval or connect Heyhack to your CI/CD pipeline to trigger scans before every release.
Integrate with your favorite developer toolsHeyhack integrates with leading developer tools such as Jira, GitHub, Asana, Azure DevOps, Linear, Zapier and many more.

Start penetration testing in a minute

There is no need to configure Heyhack Scan, just follow 3 easy steps to get protected:
  • Enter the URL of your web app
  • Confirm domain ownership
  • Enter the credentials of a test user and start testing
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Key Use Cases for Heyhack

Heyhack is the only automated penetration testing solution that surpasses the level of ethical hackers.
Learn about how our customers leverage the power of Heyhack to improve the security of their applications.
Comprehensive penetration testing becomes affordable
  • Let Heyhack take care of your web app security while you focus on business.
  • Get notified about new vulnerabilities and learn how to fix them in several clicks.
  • Share your security page to earn the trust of your customers.
Your perfect assistant with in-depth reporting

We have implemented a transparent system where security managers can get a high degree of visibility and comprehensive insights on web app security. Get Screenshots, extensive reports, and seamless integrations to increase your productivity!
Automated penetration testing that surpasses the level of ethical hackers

Heyhack Scan is founded by veterans of penetration testing and developers are at the forefront of our product design. Find and patch security issues earlier in the development life cycle and leave no chance to hackers!

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